Why I’m Short Ethereum (and Long Bitcoin) Tuur Demeester Medium

Why I’m Short Ethereum and Long Bitcoin (The Cryptoverse #117)While bullish on bitcoin's long-term prospects, an economist and investor heeds caution for more short-term price optimism. Prices · Why I'm Taking Bitcoin Profits .

16/07/2019  · “2.5 years ago I published "Why I’m short Ethereum (and long Bitcoin)". Interesting to look back, I still stand behind the majority of arguments. https://t.co.

Bitcoin Price Rally Rages On 09/05/2020  · Bitcoin bulls say the price of bitcoin should go up as supply runs down and assuming demand is steady. Dan Morehead, co-chief investment officer at Pantera, said bitcoin could peak at $115,212 based on supply and demand dynamics. “I realize that price may sound ludicrous to some today. But $5,000 sounded equally ludicrous as

07/10/2016  · On today’s episode of The Cryptoverse: Tuur Demeester, Economist, Investor and Editor in Chief at Adamant Research shares his indepth analysis of why he is bearish on Ethereum and bullish on Bitcoin.

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I just published "Why I'm short Ethereum (and long.

@onemanatatime @ Medium good call, Ethereum is 100% in distribution phase according to.

Tuur Demeester‏ @TuurDemeester 5 de out. de 2016.

You should have simply written about why you're bearish on Ethereum without mentioning Bitcoin.

05/10/2016  · Why I’m short Ethereum (and long Bitcoin) Tuur Demeester. Follow. Oct 5, 2016 · 12 min read. Source: cryptowat.ch. When it passed a market cap of $1.5 billion, both in March and in May.

04/01/2019  · Tuur Demeester: It’s ironic because, pretty much, Vitalik called me a Bitcoin Maximalist, so it’s like, “Well, I guess you can just repeat that word,” but no, I could’ve invested in Ethereum. I could’ve invested with Mastercoin was the original inspiration for Ethereum. It was going to be a way to issue tokens on top of Bitcoin like a coloured coin experiment. There have been so.

In this episode, I talk with long-term Bitcoiner, economist and investor, Tuur Demeester. We talk about his recent Tweetstorm breaking down why he is so against Ethereum, discussing everything.

11 Sep 2018.


Like, we want to align ourselves with long-term Bitcoin holders.

So I don't know if it's way too early or if I'm just not seeing it yet and I'm going.

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